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ABOUT the agency

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Book a creative through us for your brand activation, music videos, events, promotion on social media & more. Creatives include artists, creators & models.

Being (online) visible through photo and video becomes more and more important nowadays. We help our clients with finding the perfect match. Need a model for you artists new video, a make-up artist for your event or even a photographer? We got you covered!

management & development

Official logo DCA transparant black.png

Dutch Creative Agency is part of S.L. Management which firstly provided management, development and bookings for artists. We received more and more requests to book one of our creatives what made us split up the management from the agency, this to create more overview for our clients. Are you an artist, creator or model and want to receive more knowledge on how to start a career, how to make a business out of your hobby and get to know more about your rights in the industry? We would love to help you via


Our creatives

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