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ABOUT the agency

Rosa - DCA 2

Book a creative through us for your brand activation, music videos, events, promotion on social media & more. Creatives include artists, creators & models. We are the link between clients and creatives.

Being (online) visible through photo and video becomes more and more important nowadays. We help our clients to find the perfect match. Need a model for you artists new video, a make-up artist for your event or even a photographer? We got you covered!

unique and

Lauren - DCA 6

We don't stick to sizes. Althought size does matter in the creative industry, we try to look further than that. We scout and select our creatives by their work ethic, personality, and special features. We only sign when we find uniqueness within them. That's why we strongly believe everyone signed up with us will be an addition to your project

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Creative work is real work, and for that creatives deserve real payment. We stand for 'Fair play, fair pay'. Our creatives provide quality work, and along with our clients we provide a qualitative payment.


Our creatives

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